Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week 9 - Impact

As much fun as I had doing photography in Singapore, I really missed photos of people.  In fact, one of my favorite shots from Singapore was a simple portrait of a young girl from the streets of Little India. 

Resting in her mother's arms and dressed for some kind of celebration.  She is so comfortable, yet aware and a bit curious.  I got the feeling that my brief photo session was a welcome break from waiting for the celebration. 

As much as I like the color and gaze of this child, I am more proud of this next photo.  On the surface, it isn't anything special - a basketball shot, where I was lucky enough to be close to the player.  But what makes me really proud is the player.  This is one of the 'developing' players on the team.  She is frequently found ambling downcourt after fast breaks - reversing near half court - only to reverse again before she finds her defensive assignment.  But for this moment, she is in the game.  She is ready and she is a star.  I sent this photo to her mom.  At the next game, her performance skyrocketed.  She believed that she was a star. 

I've read articles about great photographers making an impact.  Most of us take pictures.  But great photos happen when we decide what we want to do with our photos.   When we choose a cause in the world to impact.  Global warming, save the chickens, or whatever.  My impact is the self-confidence of my subjects.  The belief that they can be a star.  The belief that they are already a star.  After all, it must be true.  If their stardom is already captured in a photo, it already is true!

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  1. You can feel proud of changing that little girl's life with the photo - she is a star!