Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 7 - Plain Silly

I'm still traveling to Singapore.  Earlier this week, I (along with 500 tripod toting photographers) went to take sunset shots of the city skyline.  Singapore has a beautiful setup - beautiful skyline that includes small traditional buildings flanked by modern skyscrapers and a beautiful bay just made for reflections.  Taking a great night shot was like shooting fish in a barrel.  You just couldn't miss.  But my favorite photo of the night was the small flower just sticking his tongue out at me.  Can you believe it would do such a thing?!

I love how Singapore seamlessly blends its history with its modern self.  In this nightscape, you can see the historic Fullerton hotel and the iconic Merlion in front of the broader cityscape. 

Again, an amazing blend of past and present.  This time, a fisherman in the middle of the waterway.  This area is commonly used for tours.  Amazingly, this guy sat and fished while the tours went around him. 

I don't often do night photos and even more rare that I have a tripod, so I played some with zoomed time exposures.  It gives the city a sort of 'batman' quality. 

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  1. Wow, amazing shots! And that flower is so unique! I can see why you loved it so. What a great find!!