Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week 5 - Basketball

Week 5 of my 52 week journey is a trip back to my comfort zone. My daughter's basketball team played tonight. Over the years, I've been successful shooting soccer, softball, swimming, and surfing. Basketball has been trouble. I struggle with the low lighting, longer shutter speeds, and lack of lens length. The quick motions make it difficult to get a clear shot. Timing is everything in sports and basketball is fast with lots of bodies.

Tonight, I put my new 85mm f1.4 prime lense to the test. Combined with the high iso capability of my Nikon D3Si and I was finally able to get some good action shots. I still had to adjust the color temperature, but I was able to get my shutter speed up to the 1/500 sec range to stop the action.

This shot caught my eye for the focus in my daughter's eye. She made a great move to get open for this shot. She is at her full extention and you can just see the ball rolling off of her finger - a skill that she has been working on for a while. This is her best. This is MY daughter. I couldn't be prouder.

A couple of other shots from the day:

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  1. I also have the 85mm f1.4 lens for Nikon - LOVE IT!!! one of my favorites for action photos. Great shots.