Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Snow Days 2

Thanks everyone for the photo feedbacks.  I've been trying to go back to follow the advice given.  If you check back next week, I'll update this post with your feedback so that you can see if it makes a difference or not! 

This is another photo from last week's snow days. Honestly, I'm not sure why this photo caught my eye from the dozens that I shot that day.  I like the small snow shelf created by the branches.  They somehow seem to cradle the delicate snowflakes.  You can just see the hint of spring buds on some of the branches.  Maybe it is a sense of springtime hope or the momentary pause to take in one last gasp of winter beauty before the full jump to spring.  what do you see?

Rev 2 - based on feedback, I lightened it and changed to B&W.  I had an issue when I lightened things that the background in the upper right started to blow out.  To minimize the impact, I cropped a bit more of that corner.  Now I'm a bit too centered vertically.  I should have added a flash or taken the photo earlier than my twilight shot.  Next time.  :)  B&W is good, but different.  In B&W, you lose the spring buds on the branch. 



  1. It is a good composition. The picture needs to be brightened up though.

  2. Great close-up! Composition is just perfect. I would also suggest to brighten it up a little, and maybe add some contrast. It could then also (maybe) work as B&W?

  3. Thank you for joining in again with Photo Feedback. I really like the details you captured in this shot. I love how it really shows winter meeting up with spring.
    I agree with Tara and Ansku, the exposure needs to be a bit higher. You almost miss the green little buds on the branch.

  4. I like, exquisite in B & W. Greetings.

  5. lovely shot. I like your composition and the edit looks beautiful!